Privacy Policy is a website that is intended to provide information only. Relevant user data detected on our site, is limited to identifying optimal traffic and websites. We really value and maintain the privacy of our web visitors so that IP addresses and others will not be used for harmful things.

We will detail the data that appears when you visit our website. One of them is a log file that includes visitor data, which is one of the hosting analysis services. It contains information related to IP (Internet Protocol), browser type and internet service provider (ISP), information about the time and number of clicks on our website address. The data is used for analysis purposes to detect the number of interactions and the effectiveness of the website. In addition, the data we collect when you visit our website are cookies and web beacons. This tool is used to summarize visitor preferences and record user-specific information on which pages or articles are accessed from information provided by browser visitors.

If you are uncomfortable with seeing advertisements on our website, we have no control over those advertisements. Because advertising is the property of a third party.

If you think advertising is harmful to children, accompany and help provide understanding regarding the content in this website. also makes no attempt to exploit the data of child advocates for any purpose. We do not receive and provide any data to other parties in any form. If you encounter information beyond what we have stated above, please confirm it immediately and we will try to provide the best feedback.