How to Turn Off Now Playing On Iphone Lock Screen

How to turn off now playing on iphone lock screen or music on the HP screen can be done. To turn this off requires a few simple steps. So it can be used directly after reading this article.

How to Turn Off Now Playing On Iphone Lock Screen

That’s why it never hurts to practice directly. The reason is, it could be that each version of the iPhone will have different ways or steps. So it must be adjusted to the conditions of the HP.

How to turn off now playing on iphone lock screen

How to turn off now playing on iphone lock screen This can be done using the following methods:
• Try pulling the screen down, then press the connection in the player section.
• If someone is linked, you can immediately disconnect.
• After that, nothing will appear and the screen will be cleaner.
• In addition, you can also turn off applications related to music.

How to Get Rid of Bugs on iPhone Screen

Various problems or bugs often occur so that they often appear on the iPhone screen. For some people this is quite annoying so it must be overcome with the following steps.

OS Updates

Various problems or bugs often appear on iPhone mobile users. This can cause the phone to not work properly. In addition, there is also a possibility that the phone is experiencing interference.
To overcome this, it is recommended to carry out the IOS update process regularly.

Usually every few months there will be a new update, whether it’s a minor update or an update made on major changes.

By doing this update, all the functions of the cellphone can be used optimally. Conversely, if updates are not carried out continuously, the risk of experiencing problems will be even greater.

Remove Unused Apps

Some applications that may not be used on the phone can usually trigger the problem. Especially if the application works on the system and affects whatever is in it. So one way that can be done is to delete.

You have to know what applications can be used and what cannot be used. Especially if the iPhone you are using has not too much memory. If you don’t do it, it can make the phone full quickly.

So try to get rid of any application that is considered inappropriate. Disposal can be done directly or can also be done by registering one by one. So you will know which applications can be used and which are not.

Clean Junk Data

Clean up junk data that usually appears immediately when you’re browsing. This garbage data cleaning must be done regularly every day. Otherwise there is a possibility of triggering the problem.

One of the problems that may occur is that you find it difficult to save some data. Because after all this trash word will also fill the memory. So the removal process must be carried out regularly.

If it is not removed regularly, it will most likely trigger a fairly dangerous problem. The possibility of getting a virus or the like will also be high. This is very risky if there is a cellphone that is used continuously.

Cache cleaning can be done directly. In addition, you can also take advantage of additional applications so that all trash data on the cellphone can be cleaned while perfect.

Do a Restart

Actually the easiest way to solve problems such as a interrupted screen or the like is to restart. You can do this restart process directly by using only a few physical buttons.

In addition, you can also restart by using only the settings on the HP. The point is that this restart is done to return the phone to the initial system settings without having to delete data.

So various types of problems that may arise can be addressed immediately. Not only on the screen that may be annoying. But, some other problems like screen that can’t be used or the like.

Don’t Install Unofficial Apps

Some problems that occur on mobile phones usually appear when installing unauthorized applications. Normally we install applications by using the app store directly.

However, under certain conditions some applications can indeed be installed from the outside. So like it or not, you have to make the necessary modifications. After that, then you can do the installation perfectly.

Unfortunately, doing this does carry a lot of risk. One of the risks that may arise is that the application will not be able to be used optimally. In addition, some disturbances can also arise when used.

System damage may occur when using the application. So it never hurts to use wisely and not install harmful applications. Moreover, it can include viruses or malware in it.

Turn Off All Music Player

Try to turn off all applications that have a function to perform music playback. Because otherwise it will most likely be difficult to modify various types of data on the screen.

Some applications such as Spotify or the like will usually appear on the screen immediately. So how to turn off now playing on iphone lock screen can be done by simply deleting this application.

If the application can still be used, it means that it is enough to close it and then remove it from the background. By doing this, the application will die and some related data will no longer be able to appear.

how to turn off now playing on iphone lock screen can be done easily. The most important thing is that the problem on the phone is solved first so that there is no bug. In addition, try to update regularly.