How to Restart iPhone with Broken Lock Button and Black Screen

How to restart iPhone with broken lock button and black screen can be done in several ways. However, it cannot be with two conditions simultaneously. That is, if the screen is black and the button can’t be used restarting it will be difficult to do.

So it must be done one by one in conditions of broken buttons, or it could be that the screen is black even though it is on. To find out more about how, you can receive some of the discussion below.

How to Restart iPhone with Broken Lock Button and Black Screen

How to Restart iPhone with Broken Lock Button and Black Screen

How to restart iPhone with broken lock button and black screen.  This can be done using one of the methods below.

By Changing Fonts

The first way is to replace the font. To do that you can follow a few simple steps below:
• Go to Settings – Accessibility.
• After entering it make changes to the font.
• After making changes there will usually be a request to restart.
• Press the continue button to restart the iPhone.
• This process will run automatically and wait for a few seconds.
If you want to use the method above, make sure you’re using an iPhone that uses iOS 7.

Use Volume Power

This method can be done by simply pressing the volume button and the power button at the same time. After doing this pressing process, you can easily restart the process.

This is usually done when the phone does not turn on. So even though the screen has a little light, it will look black. In addition, it can also be done if the screen cannot be moved at all because it hangs.

Force Restart

You can also do a forced restart if the phone suddenly hangs and can’t be used anymore. The method can only be used for the iPhone 4S variant or similar. So it probably won’t work for older or newer types.

To restart, can this be done by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously. After being pressed for a few seconds and the Apple logo appears, you can immediately release it to let the iPhone restart by itself.

This method can be applied by anyone as long as there are physical buttons on the cellphone. If there are no physical buttons it will most likely be difficult to do. So make sure the type of cell phone used is appropriate.

Restart with Power

If using an iPhone se or iPhone 5 and several older generations, the restart process can be done by using the available power button. So to restart this button can be pressed for a few seconds.
After pressing for a few seconds it will immediately appear the Apple logo.

After that, you can immediately remove it and wait for the restore process to run until it’s finished. If you want to use this method, make sure the type of HP is right.

If you’re using a version that doesn’t support multiple physical buttons, you’ll likely have issues. So, it never hurts to try.

Restart Without Volume Button

In addition to the power button, it turns out that there are also restarts using the volume buttons. This method can only be done for iPhone X users who have activated assistive touch.

Once activated, you can press the volume button until it turns green. After that, press the ACC touch button on the side of the screen until there is an option to restart.

If you’re using an older version of the iPhone, it probably won’t work. So you can use a combination of buttons or you can also use the power button.

Why do we have to restart the phone?

In this section, we will provide information on why restarting the cellphone is one way that can be done. Here’s the reason:

Natural HP Hang

There are several reasons why how to restart iPhone with broken lock button and black screen should be done. One of them is that the cellphone hangs so it can’t be used at all. So its function can be reduced very significantly.

That’s why it never hurts to prevent it by doing a forced restart process. You can use one of the methods above, such as by using multiple power buttons or volume buttons.

By using this method, the HP that is experiencing problems can be repaired immediately. Usually HP will restart the process by itself. After that, it can immediately function as needed.

Must Change Settings

Sometimes some people have to restart when they have made changes to the settings section. One of them is a change in the theme or a change in the font size of the phone.

Generally on some iPhone phones, especially old ones, it will be a little difficult to make changes directly. So one way that can be done is to restart the process first.

If the reason is like this, then the restart must be done in the right way. Try not to do a hard reset as it may cause some data to be lost or corrupted.

So that HP is lighter

Some people often experience the restart process not many times if the system or RAM used is problematic. It could be due to opening too many applications, so RAM can’t be used properly.
One of the best ways that can be done to overcome this kind of thing is to restart.

You can turn off and then turn on the phone again as needed. Usually after turning on again, HP becomes lighter. But under certain conditions, such as memory that is already too full, usually this way of restarting will not solve anything.

But it never hurts to do a trial process in accordance with the directions.

How to restart iPhone with broken lock button and black screen This can be done using one of the categories that have been described. If they can’t be used because they are damaged, both of them have to be taken to a repairman first.