How to Change Lock Screen on Macbook Air 2020

How to change lock screen on Macbook Air 2020 actually not something very crucial. However, some people do it to make the login look more different. Moreover, it can be adapted to the images or photos they have.

If you want to know how to change lock screen on Macbook Air 2020, You can listen to the review of this article. That way, the change process can be carried out more easily, and the results are as desired.

how to change lock screen on macbook air 2020

How to Change Lock Screen on Macbook Air 2020

If you are using a new or old OS, you can follow the steps discussed below first.
• Looking for pictures or a photo that has the same resolution as the Mac’s screen.
• Edit images with Preview. If there are other editing applications can be used.
• Save the edited image with the name: apple.desktop.admin.png. Save the image or put it on the Desktop.
• Open the Finder application and open a new window.
• Press Cmd + Shift + G then type: /Library/Caches/, ending with GO.
• Look for a document with a name similar to the edited image. Do Copy and Replace with the image that has been prepared.
• Do a restart on the laptop.

It could be using a different OS and maybe the method is almost the same. You have to find the right image first. Furthermore, you can directly modify it according to your needs. Most importantly the picture is clear.

Actually changing the display on the login screen does not have any effect on the computer or laptop. However, it can be used for aesthetic purposes only.

If needed, you can find some pictures available on the internet. Just use the MacBook wallpaper keyword along with the type. Usually the resolution will appear immediately so you don’t need to do the editing process.

Things to Prepare Before Changing Lock Screen

There are several things that must be prepared if you decide to try how to change lock screen on Macbook Air. Here are a few things you should probably have:

Login Password

Usually before doing the editing process on the MacBook, especially those related to the system, it will require a login. Without blocking first, it will usually be difficult to modify anything on your computer or laptop.

That is why it is recommended to do the login process first using the account you have. People who can make changes are accounts that have administrator capabilities.

If the account that will make changes later is only an additional user, most likely will not be able to make changes. So make sure to know in advance what keywords you will use.

With a security system like this, only people who hold passports can do the editing process. Those who don’t have it only have very limited access.

The Right Picture

The images used must be correct and cannot be wrong at all. Because if you make a mistake the image will most likely not be able to appear. If it doesn’t appear, it will still look the same.

The first thing to do if you want to use another image is to pay attention to the resolution. Check the resolution that your MacBook screen has in order to get the most suitable image.

If this cannot be done beforehand, it will most likely be difficult to carry out the editing process. That’s why it’s always recommended to use additional apps for editing.

Be Careful When Copas

Unlike some computers like Windows, the MacBook is a bit complicated and requires a very structured system. So when you want to copy and paste, you have to do it right.

So it is necessary to check first. The first thing to check is the naming section. Make sure to check if the names you have assigned are the same or if you have a typo.

If you experience a typo, it will most likely not be applied directly. So it is advisable to type one by one. Then you can directly check again before copying and pasting.

In addition, try not to arbitrarily change the files on the system. Making the wrong changes can cause the system to crash.

Understanding Flow

You must understand the flow first before making changes. The point of the flow here is that you know when to make changes. The reason, most likely you have to enter the password up to many times.

You first need to do some of the steps listed above. Once you understand it, you can immediately put it into practice. In addition, you can also test it several times until you find the easiest way.
Further, try to prepare several images with varying resolutions.

However, make sure the lowest one is the same resolution as the screen on the MacBook. Furthermore, for the highest size can be adjusted to the needs.


Sometimes to find out whether the changes have gone well or not is to restart. You have to restart first before deciding to find out which part of the page.

If a new image has been created on the login page, it means that the method is correct. On the other hand, if a new image is not formed or is still using the old image, it means that it is wrong.

Repeat the steps mentioned above again. If you don’t find an error, it means that the way you have done it is appropriate.

In addition, also check the type of operating system used because some operating systems do not support it.

How to change lock screen on Macbook Air 2020 can be done easily. The most important thing is to have everything ready from the image so that the process can be automated. In fact, you can replace it as you wish.