How to Change Lock Screen on Kindle Fire 7

How to change lock screen on Kindle Fire 7 can be done easily. It’s just that some files need to be adjusted first. That way the replacement can run more perfectly.

In addition to discussing how to change the lock screen, we will also discuss what are the benefits of Kindle Fire 7. Moreover, in many country this tablet is rarely used, or even less heard.

How to Change Lock Screen on Kindle Fire 7

How to Change Lock Screen on Kindle Fire 7

The replacement process can be done by following the method below. Use it as needed and prepare all the data.

Use Existing Images

How to change the lock screen on Kindle Fire 7 or other types can be done using an existing image. Follow the steps below to perform the replacement.
● Go to Settings.
● Swipe down until you find Display.
● Tap on the Wallpaper section.
● Choose one of the images available there.
Images that will be used as wallpaper will also be enabled on the lock screen. So changing this will give the same effect.

Use More Images

Use other images that may already be available on the Kindle or may be sent to the device yourself. To do this, you can directly follow the steps below.
● send picturethat you like to the email installed on the gadget.
● Open the email containing the image, press download images.
● Go to Settings.
● Swipe down until you find Display.
● Press the Wallpaper menu.
● Select the Pick Image at the bottom section.
● Adjust sizeon picture.
● Set image as wallpaper.
Any image can actually be used as needed. It’s just that, try to choose one that does have a large size. So, the end result will be more in line with the needs.

Kindle Fire 7 . Tablet Functions

There are several functions that the Kindle Fire 7 tablet has. Here are some functions that can be used optimally.

Read Ebook

One of the functions of the Kindle is that it can be used to read ebooks. Amazon initially issued a colorless version. This tool is used to read several books in digital format.

So it was suggested to read some books that can be purchased directly there. Usually the screen will look very comfortable. In fact, even if you read the same for hours it won’t cause your eyes to get tired.

Even if you continue to read it will add a lot of knowledge. Moreover, there are usually a large collection of ebooks that can be used for free. In addition, there are ebooks that can be purchased at a fairly affordable price.

Watching video

After getting the update version with better screen. Not only in the form of ebooks that can be used, but also can be used to watch videos with very high quality.

You can still insert some videos into this application. In addition, you can also watch videos from default applications such as Amazon prime which is provided. So any show can be watched more easily.

Perhaps some of the things you should pay attention to before watching is the battery. These gadgets usually have batteries that tend to be absorbed more easily. So have to do charging up to several times.

Running Design Apps

Whether we realize it or not, it turns out that certain applications can also be installed using this tablet. Moreover, you can also change the operating system owned by the gadget to Android. So everything can function properly.

Running a design app is pretty easy. Especially with the support of RAM which is quite high and the internal memory is slightly larger. So you can do the editing process quite perfectly.

It’s just that some applications may not be able to run properly. So it is advisable to use only standard applications. It can immediately be used to do simple editing, everyone can shake hands.

Open Social Media

Social media is the most important part of today’s modern society. That’s why kindo also pinned the ability for it. So you can still open some fairly common social media easily.

You can log into several accounts such as on Facebook or Instagram. Istra login can directly use it as needed. The most important thing is to try to verify the account first.

Moreover, this gadget is new and rarely known by other users. So you have to verify and state if the gadget is really yours.


Making phone calls with many people can also be done using this gadget. So how to change the lock screen on Kindle fire 7 can be useful to find out whether there are notifications or not. Because the notification can be lost and you can’t receive any calls.

So the replacement on the screen especially on the lock screen should be modified perfectly.
However, if you want to make calls, it is recommended to use headphones. Otherwise the sound that will appear is usually not very perfect.

Playing games

As has been said before if you can also change the appearance of the screen and become Android. This means that you can easily download various types of games.

There are many types of games that can be found here. Most games can be used well or adapted to the needs. However, try not to choose games that are too HD.

How to change lock screen on Kindle Fire 7already described above. As long as you have an image with the right screen size, the replacement process can be done quite easily. So it can make the screen display at login vary.